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First Stop  - VICIPEDIA!

Google? Yahoo? Ask Jeeves? Wikipedia? 

Forget it! If you want to know anything about Port Stephens... where to go, what to do, how to get there, where to eat, how much, which day, how far, what time, how long…. go straight to the source!

The heart of the region - the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) located at 60 Victoria Parade, Nelson Bay. freecall 1800 808 900

Here you'll find a bevy of smiling beauties to welcome you to Port Stephens. But don't be fooled - they're not just pretty faces - they're the veritable walking encyclopaedia of Port Stephens - armed with a wealth of knowledge ready and waiting to help all of our visitors.

We all love visitors to our region … in fact that's how most of us "locals" landed here in the first place! But nobody loves Port Stephens more than the VIC team! You can tell when you meet them. They'll welcome you and invite you to "make yourself at home" in Port Stephens ... their home. They'll help you discover the coldest beer, the highest lookout, the best surf beach, the restaurant with the best view, the easiest bush walk, the most challenging trek, the freshest produce, the closest doctor, the best hairdresser, the nearest laundromat,  the free car parks… you name it - the VIC team will know it. And if they don't... well they'll do their darndest to find out for you.

They'll give you free maps and brochures, handy tips and local knowledge as well as a warm welcome and a friendly smile to help you make the most of your stay and enjoy every day while you're here.

They also have a range of "PS I Love You " goodies to purchase for gifts, souvenirs, teatowels and a whole lot more to remember your visit by.

Yep! As long as you love sparkling waterways, pristine beaches, whales, dolphins, bushwalking, cycling, kayaking, sailing, golf, cafes, parasailing, fine dining, shopping, fresh produce, wineries, breweries, sliding down sand dunes or friendly unpretentious people ... then you're gonna love Port Stephens.

Port Stephens Visitor Information Centre
p 1800 808 900 | e