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Atlantis Port Stephens

Location: 203 Sandy Point Road Salamander Bay NSW 2317

We are a small, family operated business located at Salamander Bay, Port Stephens (5 kms west of Nelson Bay) the heart of dolphin and whale watching in Australia.

At Atlantis Port Stephens, we strive to create museum quality, lifelike animals. We constantly evolve and modify our techniques to ensure that we produce the best possible products. We work with mix media to create the form, and then finish with fibreglass to ensure that the final piece is structural and durable.



Our main interest is marine life, particularly marine mammals such as dolphins and whales. We have moulded fish to create reproductions, however, we prefer to build from scratch, using drawings, video and experience as reference.

Currently we are undertaking our most ambitious project – a marine museum filled with life-size replicas of marine animals unique to the east coast of Australia.

For this project we have built a full-size Humpback Whale calf and several dolphin moulds (all of which can be viewed on our Facebook page). We also have a replica dolphin skull and pectoral fin, as well as updated information on dolphins and whales.

We believe that a conservation based museum will be a valuable asset to the community and a wonderful opportunity to create a centre of appreciation, education and protection of these magnificent animals.

Our goal is: To inspire appreciation, knowledge and conservation of our marine wonders in a joyful and magical setting.

Phone: 0431 099 503