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Top Coach

Location: 1/12 Shearwater Drive Taylors Beach NSW 2316

At Top Coach, we demonstrate how our current lifestyles are causing our injuries and how you can overcome and avoid almost any injury with our expert guidance.

Expert Personal Trainers
Expert Personal Trainers in a new, state of the art private studio while also enjoying the best of Port Stephen’s great outdoors and fabulous beaches.

We Won’t Give You Our Workout
Top Coach focuses on holistic and functional fitness. All the exercises are designed to help you move better throughout your daily life.

Expect to dramatically increase your Strength, Energy levels, Cardio, Power, Mobility, Flexibility, Weight Loss, Injury Prevention

Our point of difference is injury prevention. We have a proud history of taking on clients with injuries and we resolve them. We teach you how to train correctly without the intimidation of a gym environment.

We are so passionate about this because our functional way of fitness has changed each and every one of our lives. We can add years to your life and more importantly, life to your years.



One Size Does Not Fit All
We understand some fourty year olds require different training to twenty year olds. So we have different levels of group and personal training options available.

If you are new to fitness or haven’t trained for a while, we highly recommend you book in to one of our Beginners Sessions.

One on One Personal Training is also a great option if you have any limitations (injuries etc.), or you don’t feel comfortable enough to join group sessions as yet.

Otherwise, if you’re fit, healthy and looking to be challenged with fast results, try one of our Intermediate/Advanced HIIT Sessions.

Our Training Philosophy
Our training philosophy is all about building a ‘strong foundation’ before we increase the intensity. We “bullet proof” you first, by working on your specific weaknesses and teaching you the correct techniques to reduce injuries.

We mix it up so you never know exactly what your work out is going to be until you arrive and keep you on track by doing a Fitness Assessment and Measurements every three months.

If you join a typical gym, over two years you might invest a few hundred dollars and look about the same. That’s not the case at Top Coach. It’s more of an investment, but the results are guaranteed.

We help our clients live happier, healthier, more energised lives and achieve results. (see Happy Customers)

Phone: 0432 196682