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Top 5 for Adventure

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For those looking for the ultimate adrenaline "full on" adventure stay well here it is ...

 Dolphin swim

1. Adventure on the Dunes
Experience the adventure of a lifetime and exhilarating ride as you head off on your own quad bike to discover "Stockton Beach & Sand Dunes" a 32km stretch of brilliant white sand and largest sand mass in the Southern Hemisphere including the Sygna Shipwreck and WWII relics. You may prefer to opt for something different and ride a camel on sunset or hear the hooves hitting the sand and water on horseback.

2. Swim with the Dolphins
See dolphins as you have necer seen them before. A unique opportunity to actually swim with wild dolphins in the pristine waters of the Port Stephens Marine Park. Be part of a pod as you travel with the wild dolphins "the friendliest in Australia".

3. Wave Jumping
Hold on tight and see Port Stephens like never before. Enjoy the ride of your life on a Wave Jumping Safari. Step aboard a super fast, rigid inflatable vessel to explore the stunning coastline of Port Stephens and jump the waves. Cruise out the headlands of Tomaree and Yacaaba, then hold on, as twin 200HP engines take you jumping the waves past secluded ocean beaches, volcanic outcrops and islands. Keep an eye out for marine life, including dolphins, seals, sea turtles and marine birds. Be ready for adventure – and to get wet! Learn to surf, one of the greatest lifestyle sports at one of our pristine beaches.

4. Heart Racing
Soar up to 150 metres high with an exhilarating tandem parasail. Fly solo or tandem, stay dry or take a dip. Feel the thrill and enjoy breathtaking views of Port Stephens as you soar 150m into the air on board a ballooning parachute behind a high powered speed boat. You will be winched into the air guided by the boat below you. You can drop gently in the water and be hiked back into the air. Why not see Port Stephens from the air and take a scenic helicopter ride from high above.

5. Game Fishing
Game Fishing is a very popular activity in Port Stephens and is a world class fishing destination, a must if your looking to catch the "big one". The keen fisherman can hire a charter vessel and take to the seas with qualified seamen and anglers on the ultimate deep sea charter. Species targeted include black, striped and blue marlin and shark species if your game.