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The Nelson Bay Rotary Exercise Trail

The Trail comprises four clusters of Exercise Stations set along the foreshore and connected by a 3km stretch of cycleway / footpath that runs through established Eucalyptus trees and native bushland that afford natural shade to each cluster.

Each is adjacent to established playgrounds. The exercise equipment is suitable for a range of abilities. The Sponsors encourage all members of the community, to enjoy the natural settings, whilst participating in a series of simple routines that will contribute to improvements in health. Some of the Exercise Stations may require a helper to support a child or guide a person with a disability.

A summary of each of the exercises within each of the four locations is shown in the attached leaflet.

Each set of exercises is targeted to a specific activity, stretching or strengthening. Signs, with instructions including diagrams, have been installed in each of the four locations.

The Sponsors encourage the use of the equipment either within a structured exercise program following the routines in the Series sequence 1 through to 4 or in an unstructured basis, the sponsors also encourage participants to read the Welcome and Heart Check signs installed at Dutchmans Bay.

We invite you to further extend your activity level by walking to the lookout at the top of Tomaree Head and the GanGan LookOut at the top of Lily Hill.

Here is the flyer with all the exercises and location's of the stations.