Mumbai Madness Cruise

Moonshadow - TQC presents

Mumbai Madness - a Traditional Indian themed dinner & cruise experience.

Don't miss this exciting & cultural evening with traditional Indian cuisine. Tantalizing exotic India comes to life aboard Moonshadow - TQC, starting with our crew dressed in traditional Indian attire welcoming you aboard. The evening is set to be full of fun & delight including traditional authentic Indian dishes prepared by our talented chefs


Vegetable Samosa (v)

Dobi da pakora (v)

Chicken tikka kebab

All served with mint, coconut & tamarind chutney condiments


Murg makhani (Butter Chicken)

Goan (Prawn Curry)

Mughlai karahi gost (Lamb curry)

Paneer matter masala (V)(Cottage cheese and green peas)

Kesari baigan (V) (Vegetable curry)

Delhi ka dal tarka (v) (Dahl)

Zeera pilaf (v) (Rice)

Variety of Indian Breads (v)


Hara Salad (Green Salad)

Sev ka salad (apple salad)

Aloo ka salad (potato salad)

Kuchamber raita


Fresh Fruit Salad

Gulab Jamun,

Kheer (Rice Pudding) and Citrus & Lime Cake

Dress: You are welcome to join our crew in wearing traditional Indian attire or alternatively smart casual.

Don’t miss this exciting and cultural evening with traditional Indian cuisine, ambiance & entertainment

*This event will be communal seating

For a wide variety of Accommodation for this event CLICK HERE


Shop 3/35 Stockton Street Nelson Bay 2315 NSW

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