Murray's Brewery Presents Dark Beer Month



  • a Chocolate Donut Beer collaboration
  • a beer inspired by Frankenstein
  • one of the world’s rarest beer styles
  • ‘pimped’ brown ale to blacker-than-black Imperial Stouts

From Saturday 3 June to Friday 30 June

Murray’s Brewery’s most eclectic dark beer line-up yet will be unleashed this June during its annual Dark Beer Month celebrations. The eight beers - four bottled, four draught - will be progressively released from Saturday 3 June.

“We’re aiming to give people some great survival tools and reasons to embrace winter. Each June we bring out our darkest beers to help make winter warmer,” says brewery owner, Murray Howe. “These aren’t ordinary beers. They’re audacious, sometimes-crazy dark beers. Some are sweet, some a little sour or bitter, and several styles in between – there’s truly something for everyone.”

“Who could resist trying a chocolate donut, or vanilla beer? There’s even one made with roast almonds, shredded coconut and cocoa nibs. The most unusual beer this year is undoubtedly our Nitro Kentucky Common. Kentucky Common is one of only three beer styles indigenous to the United States. It’s also one of the rarest commercially brewed beer styles in the world,” he added.

Murray’s 2017 Dark Beer Month Line-up

  1. Headlining this year is the original Wild Thing Imperial Stout. A massive, intense drinking experience inspired by the great stouts favoured by the Russian Imperial Court. The colour is intensely black. The flavour is an intense hit of mocha with some malt sweetness but an aggressive hop bitterness and roast grain bite to balance. Released on Saturday 3 June, in 330ml bottles.

  1. Following last year’s success, there will again be two ‘Wild Thing’ Imperial Stouts in the bottle. Murray’s Wild Thing Vanilla features dominant lashings of roasted chocolate, aggressive bitterness and a silky smooth body, with the flavour and fragrance of soft, sweet vanilla from Madagascar vanilla beans. Released on Saturday 17 June, in 330ml bottles.
  1. The third bottled beer is Murray’s Heart of Darkness Belgio Imperial Stout. A one-of-a-kind, big, dark, Belgian-inspired beer. An Imperial Stout (sort of), but with a stronger accent on the chocolate malt over the roast barley. Released Saturday 3 June, in 330ml bottles.
  1. The fourth bottled beer was inspired by Frankenstein: Murray’s Frankie Best Extra Porter. “In one of our more philosophical moments, considering beer as an elixir of life, we recalled Victor Frankenstein building a creature in his laboratory through chemistry and alchemy. To cut a long story short, ‘Frankie’ was created in our Bobs Farm ‘laboratory’!” enthuses Brewer, Sean Costigan. ‘Frankie’ features dark brown roasted chocolate and full bodied maltiness from British Maris Otter base malt. An extra helping of East Kent Goldings hops perfectly balances the beer. Released Saturday 10 June in 640ml bottles.
  1. The first of the draught beers is Murray’s Chocolate Donut Beer. A playful collaboration between Murray’s Brewery and Newcastle’s Doughheads donuts, this is one for the sweet tooths. Chocolatey/toffee flavours sweetened with lashings of cinnamon. The beer pours very dark with a tight packed head, and a texture that will make you think of sweet cinnamon dough and spices. Released Saturday 3 June on draught.

  1. Murray's The Colonel Kentucky Common, on nitrogen. “The style represents the true grit of the Deep South American beer market,” said Brewer, Alex Tucker. “Originating around the Louisville area, this was the working man’s beer of choice around the mid-1800s. The beer was made with corn, and made fast to keep up with demand, with next to no conditioning time - something we never would normally do here at Murray's. But we are always keen to experiment and try new things, including adding nitrogen!” Released Saturday 10 June on draught.
  1. Murray’s Mister America Big American Stout features lots of hops in a big black stout. A big hit of classic roasted malts finishes off with an even bigger hit of molasses, tobacco and American citrus and pine hops. Released Saturday 17 June on draught.
  1. Murray’s Sugar Daddy is a ‘pimped’ English Brown Ale, with smoked almonds in the mash and the beer conditioned on mounds of shredded coconut and roasted cocoa nibs. Sugar Daddy pours a rich ruby brown, smells like a dessert and initially tastes like one too. A rich and smooth mouthfeel, balanced with just the right amount bitterness. Released Saturday 24 June on draught.


All beers will be available progressively across the month of June from Murray’s Brewery in venue or online CLICK HERE,plus leading craft beer venues


3443 Nelson Bay Road, Bobs Farm NSW 2316, Australia

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