Pet Friendly

Here at Port Stephens we are just fine with your canines… as long as you follow a few rules for everyone’s protection. There are a number of accommodation providers that welcome pets, and also numerous off-leash dog beaches, reserves and parks. Some areas have limitations on times and specific boundaries. To find out more - go fetch the “dog exercise maps” online at

Pet friendly accommodation.

Responsibilities of pet owners in NSW
■ If your dog is in a public place it must be under the effective control of a competent person (over 16yrs old) by means of an adequate chain or leash. The exceptions to this are: dogs exhibited at a show or engaging in obedience or agility trials or a dog secured in a cage or in an approved off-leash area;
■ If your dog is being exercised in an approved area it must always be under effective control of a competent person (over 16 yrs. old);
■ You are not permitted to walk more than 4 dogs at any one time in an on-leash or an off-leash area;
■ Greyhounds must be muzzled at all times when in a public place, except if the greyhound has successfully completed an approved greyhound retraining program and the greyhound wears an approved collar when it is in a public place;
■ If your dog defecates in a public place it is an offence not to remove the faeces;
■ Dogs are prohibited in children’s play areas, food preparation/consumption areas, recreation areas, public bathing areas, school grounds, child care centres, shopping areas and wildlife protection areas.
■ Some areas are off-leash but with time restrictions.
■ Off-leash areas form part of large reserve areas and beaches where boundaries must be adhered to.

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