Calypso Fishing Charters

Sport and Gamefishing, Big Game Flyfishing a specialty, Fishing clinics, Fishing Club Talks, deep sea fishing charters in Australia can be arranged to suit your budget and ability, large groups catered for.

From the Giant Black Marlin off Cairns to the rampaging Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and Striped Marlin in Port Stephens come join a fishing charter with the team on board the boat Calypso.

Sole charters or share charters are available for all guests.

Port Stephens is the ideal place for you to catch your first marlin with multiple catches per day, the chances are the best in Australia, whether with flyfishing, pitch baiting or speargun Captain Tim and his team will get you in the action.

Named the Top 7 in Australia for a Deep Sea Fishing Adventure like no other. Read the full story here.



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