Escape Kitesurfing

From zero to hero we are here to take you on the journey that could...WILL change your life.

Our lessons are designed to get you flying confidently and independently in the most safe and fun way imaginable. ‚ÄčNelson Bay / Port Stephens is the perfect place to learn to kitesurf and hydrofoil as it's flat water provides the easiest possible conditions to get started on the board.

About Us -

Yann and I (Jordan) met through skiing and basketball at Newcastle University and we would have been inseparable if we didn't keep going overseas to different countries.

In one of the brief periods we were in Australia together we both picked up kitesurfing and went mad with it. I went to Zanzibar to get better at it, Yann moved to Portugal and eventually we both ended up teaching and learning together in Byron Bay.


Escape Kitesurfing

Nelson Bay, NSW 2315