Escape Trekking Adventures

Escape Trekking Adventures is an outdoor recreation business specialising in bushwalking and rock climbing adventures. We exclusively operate short duration tours in Port Stephens.

Escape Trekking Adventures also conduct high thrill adventures to the Kokoda Track, Everest Base Camp, MT Kilimanjaro, Borneo and more! If your destination is Port Stephens come join us in our high thrill outdoor rock climbing adventures or alternatively take in the vista from the summit of Mt Tomaree or perhaps enjoying our house made tasting plate while the sun goes down.

We run tours daily in the peak season from Tuesday to Sunday and sunset and sunrise tours are also available on select days and times. Book through the Port Stephens Visitor Information Centre; Outdoor Rock Climbing tour. Wet your appetite for outdoor rock climbing on Port Stephens sea cliffs with Escape Trekking Adventures, an Australian Outdoor Recreation business

Our rock climbing packages are set up primarily for beginners however can easily be adjusted for those indoor climbers wishing to transition to outdoor rock climbing and intermediate climbers. 3 hour rock climbing packages from $110 pp. You will climb beginner friendly cliffs with a backdrop of the ocean near by, while safely attached to a climbing top rope system to prevent a fall. Our qualified guides will show you the techniques to climb more easily as you learn the art of outdoor rock climbing.

Our tour covers both rock-climbing and an abseil. All certified climbing equipment and climbing hardware is included in the price. Ropes, harnesses, helmets, anchoring equipment and rescue systems (although extremely unlikely we will need these) as we have every possibility covered to ensure you are safe and well for your entire tour no matter the situation. Our guides will belay you while you climb to ensure you are in the hands of experienced belays. Clients are unable to belay any participants in this tour.


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