Tilligerry Habitat Association Inc

Tilligerry Habitat is a community based Ecotourism Information Centre organising guided walks including koala spotting and a range of other eco activities.

Koala spotting

Koalas are surprisingly difficult to spot in the trees, but we do get to see koalas regularly in the Habitat. Unlike what people think, they actually move around a lot trying to find young eucalyptus leaves to eat.

We maintain their primary food tree, called the swamp mahogany. We send out scouts to try to find them and map their location for visitors.

Finding a koala in the wild can never be guaranteed but we do try our best for you.

Self-guided Walk

Visitors are free to do a self-guided walk. A map and information is given to you to show where koalas might be found.

A list of birds that may be seen can be provided. Over 100 bird species have been seen in the Habitat, including some endangered birds including the Regent Honeyeater

Walk beside the foreshore along the board-walk to a viewing deck and return via a shady flat path to the Information Centre.

Self-guided Sensory Walk

Wheelchair accessible path with look, touch, taste, smell at points along the way.

Visitors are encouraged to use all their senses to experience the native landscape. An information sheet is provided for all the numbered way-points.

The walk is of 200m in length and totally flat and level. A wheelchair is available for visitors to use. Touch, taste, smell, in addition to sight are the senses used in this sensory walk.

  • Child-Friendly