Ganyamalbaa Camping Trial

Welcome to the Ganyamalbaa (gunya-mul-ba) Camping Trial, meaning a ‘place to camp’ in Worimi Gathang language.

Book a unique camping holiday with family or friends in one of the remote beach campsites at the Worimi Conservation Lands north of Newcastle, developed as part of the sustainable camping trial.

The camping is located within one location at the southern end of Worimi Conservation Lands and offers 15 beach-camping sites located just behind the dune that fronts the beach. People are reminded that camping is not allowed anywhere else in the park.

Each campsite accommodates up to eight campers and two vehicles and includes a firepit for campers to enjoy while camping under the stars. The campsites are remote and campers must be self-sufficient, bringing with them water, firewood and a camp toilet.

Campsite bookings are essential and people can book and pay online up to six months in advance.

**All images supplied by Brent Mail/OEH



Stockton Beach Sand Dunes, Anna Bay, NSW

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