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There's a lot to love... 

Be prepared to be relaxed, exhilarated, enchanted and amazed when you visit Port Stephens on the NSW ‘awesome coast’... just a few hours north of Sydney.

Though just a small dot on the global tourism map, mother nature has provided Port Stephens with some pretty big star attractions!

We don’t like to brag but... our magnificent bay is twice the size of Sydney Harbour (and twice as beautiful!), our monumental sand dunes are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere (that’s big!), and we have more sightings of the largest mammal on earth than anywhere on the east coast (you guessed it... humpback whales).

If size doesn’t matter that much to you then you’re bound to love our little treasures. Hidden gems worth discovering like our colourful underwater nudibranchs and sea sponge gardens at the famous Fly Point dive site, the seal colony on Broughton Island or our friendly local dolphins that reside in the bay.

This truly unique part of our planet, covering nearly 1,000 square kilometres, caters for the young, the young at heart, singles, groups, couples and families with something to please every taste and budget.

There’s a lot to love... “Warning: may contain traces of awesomeness”

Stay in five star or camp out under a million stars, walk to the top of the headland or walk into the spa for a head massage. So many options to indulge, entertain, invigorate, excite or just relax you.

Taste award winning craft beer, fresh seafood, great wine and fine food. Ride a camel, go-kart, parasail and jet ski. Go surfing, kayaking, sailing, bushwalking and golfing. See whales, dolphins, koalas and seals... there’s a lot to love about Port Stephens.

Whomever said “it’s about the journey not the destination” has never turned the corner to arrive at Shoal Bay on a glorious Port Stephens’ day and been in awe of the scene before them. An irresistibly aqua Pacific hugging the white sands of a curved bay harboured beneath a lush green headland. It really is all about the destination!