Valhalla Restaurant Bar

Valhalla Restaurant Bar, dripping with history, the perfect place to grab the best wood fired pizza!

For five generations, members of the Spruce family have continued their traditional farming, providing the Port Stephens community with the finest quality vegetables, including the famous ‘Anna Bay Tomatoes’.

In recent years they have expanded their repertoire from growing the food to preparing it with love, turning it into quality meals and dishes. And from here, Valhalla Restaurant Bar was born and sits at the front of the beautiful Spruce Estate.

The name ‘Valhalla’ is a famous one in Viking (Norse) mythology. As one of the beautiful halls of Asgard, home of the Norse gods, Valhalla is the feasting-hall of honourable heroes slain in battle, and Odin rules over them. Together, the heroes and gods feast under a ceiling thatched with golden shields while the golden tree Glasir stands outside.

The beauty of Valhalla is one of a kind, both homely and heartwarming. With an Australian European feel and viking Scandinavian influence, Valhalla is the perfect place to sit down and enjoy good company in our iconic surrounds.


Valhalla Restaurant Bar

3834 Nelson Bay Road Bobs Farm NSW 2316