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To be incredible by nature is to be born with a natural gift and Port Stephens certainly was. 

Port Stephens is an easy 2.5 hours drive from Sydney, with its beautiful beaches, stunning sand dunes, coastal walks, national parks, pristine waters, carefree laid back lifestyle and a great range of accommodation.

A holiday to Port Stephens is all about the sea and sand, tasting freshly caught seafood, wading in the clear waters and sandboarding down the spectacular Stockton Sand Dunes.

Port Stephens is one of the most incredible natural ‘stages’ on earth with a wealth of ‘bucket-list’ worthy experiences waiting for you. See the majestic dunes standing guard over the Worimi Conservation Lands, feel the warm welcome from the locals, hear the calls of wild dolphins and humpback whales, taste the local produce fresh from the farmgate and smell the salt air.

Come and see for yourself…Port Stephens - incredible by nature!

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Port Stephens, a place to appreciate the simple things in life: space to breathe, natural beauty, connection to nature and each other.

Embark on a journey where giant sand dunes provide the backdrop for exhilarating experiences, where dolphins and whales grace the coastline.

A place where picture perfect beaches are the norm, a place full of nature and outdoor adventures and where the extraordinary is ordinary. 

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Neighbourhoods of Port Stephens

Here you'll be able to explore the experiences of all the beautiful Port Stephens coastal towns and villages.

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Visitors Guide

Port Stephens brings together the best of mother nature and human nature. It’s a place like no other with incredible experiences and unique stories to share. 

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Hear stories from the locals of Port Stephens.

It’s human nature! From whale chasers to park rangers, we meet the local legends of Port Stephens on the incredible North Coast of NSW. “It’s alive and moving, Port Stephens. You can explore for the rest of your life and probably never ever find out everything that this place has to offer."

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