Worimi Conservation Lands

GUUDJI YIIGU (Goo-jee ik-koo) the Worimi Traditional Owners welcome you to Port Stephens.

Port Stephens is a part of the country of the Worimi Aboriginal Nation and offers visitors many unique, authentic and remarkable experiences. The Australian Aboriginal culture, the oldest living culture on earth, is as diverse as the lands they inhabit, encompassing many nations, languages, traditions and customs.

The Worimi Aboriginal Community welcomes visitors to their land and invites all to enjoy and appreciate the wonders of the natural landscapes and the rich cultural and spiritual sites. Please step thoughtfully on these lands, respecting the traditions of our ancestors who walked before us and preserving them for generations to come.

Through the implementation of sustainability and resource management principles and the effective management of the marine and terrestrial features Port Stephens thrives with an abundant environment filled with remarkable flora, fauna and marine species.

Learn about the history of the traditional owners and Worimi culture of the Worimi Conservation Lands. The coastal location, unique landform and diverse environments of the Worimi Conservation Lands provided rich resources for the Worimi people. Read more.

Camp under the stars at one of 15 remote beach campsites at Ganyamalbba meaning a ‘place to camp’ in Worimi Gathang language. Watch the video to learn more and to book.

Beach and dune driving is a popular activity for visitors to the Worimi Conservation Lands. You will need a four-wheel drive vehicle. The park provides four-wheel drive access to more than 22 km of Stockton beach front and over 350 hectares of dune driving. This is one of the largest coastal dune driving areas in NSW. You must have a permit, only drive in the Recreational Vehicle Area and adhere to all road safety rules. The website has all the information and where to buy a permit.

Aunty Beryl is one of the traditional owners of Worimi Country, and she wants to share this very special place in Port Stephens with you. She believes it’s important to share this country of ours with people. “Port Stephens is my belonging place. I’m blessed.”