Dolphin, Whale and Water Cruises

With over 140 bottlenose dolphins calling Port Stephens home, it’s no wonder these friendly locals are sighted so often. The dolphins are a much loved resident of this beautiful area with visitors eager to catch a glimpse of the dolphins playfully going about their day to day lives!

The rocky coastal headlands and long white beaches of Port Stephens provide an ideal vantage point for watching dolphins from the shore, or you could join one of the popular cruises that are on offer daily.

From May to November see the magnificent humpback whales up close and personal during the annual migration season either on a whale watching cruise or from one of the many headlands in the Tomaree National Park. Click here to find out more about whale watching in Port Stephens.

For a truly once in a lifetime unforgettable adventure, you can swim with wild oceanic dolphins. An exciting snorkeling experience just like being part of the pod!

The Port Stephens Bottlenose Dolphins visitor guide introduces the unique dolphins of Port Stephens; where to see them; dolphin facts; and what you can do to help care for these beautiful native animals.