Camel and Horse Riding

One of the quirkiest experiences in Port Stephens is camel riding on Birubi Beach, Anna Bay. A guided tour along the soft, silky sand on the beach, and into the sand dunes is a must when you visit Port Stephens. The experience is certainly unique, especially if you ride at sunset.

Port Stephens offer horse riding experiences with scenic trails and friendly horses. From beginner's rides to amazing beach rides; the boutique beach and dune extravaganza ride is definitely a memorable experience for the adventurous. Rides are a mixture of trail-riding through the bush, before emerging at the beach to cross the sand. A dusk ride at sunset is recommended because of the added serenity of this experience.


Oakfield Ranch Camel Rides

Anna Bay

Camel rides operate from the lower carpark at Birubi Beach. Standard tours operate on Tuesdays, Thur...


Sahara Trails Horse Riding Port Stephens

Anna Bay

OPEN 7 DAYS: Horse riding for the whole family, couples, singles you name it, we cater for it! With ...

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