Port Stephens Website Event Submission

The events section of the website is populated for Port Stephens visitors and local residents with information on major events, whats happening and whats on.

If you would like to submit a request to have your event listed on the website please fill out the form which will be forwarded to the events team for approval at their discretion. The team will determine how the event is displayed and reserves the right to reject any event that they regard as outside of the criteria or inappropriate. 

Once approved, events will be uploaded within 7 days of submission. If we have any further requirements or questions we will contact you. 

To maintain the standard of the website we have guidelines that we like to adhere to, to ensure your event looks appealing to visitors, maintains the consistency across the Port Stephens website. . 

Include a detailed description of whats happening at the event, a program of the event, activities, special guests, musicians, anything relevant to entice visitors to your event. If you have flyers or programs, please attach in a separate email marked with your event name, in a word or pdf format document to the EVENTS TEAM. 

If the form below is not completed or images provided the event cannot be uploaded.

Image sizes need to be provided to the EXACT specifications, otherwise they do not display correctly on the website.

1 x Hero / Banner Image 1600 x 480 pixel jpeg

1 x Summary Image 1280 x 720 pixel jpeg OR 640 x 360 pixel jpeg

Alternately provide a landscape style, high resolution image and we will aim to style it in house but cannot guarantee it will restyle correctly. If no images are supplied we therefore have to use a generic stock image.

CLICK HERE to submit your images and mark the subject line with the name of your event.
NOTE - we cannot upload your event without the images. These images need to be pictures not advertising banners.

If you would like your listing to feature on the Visit NSW website you can register with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse HERE. Your event will be reviewed by ATDW and approved, if deemed appropriate.

By submitting your event for inclusion on the Port Stephens website, you authorise the Port Stephens Council and Destination Port Stephens to publish the contact information you supply relating to the event. We may also contact you directly in the event that there are any questions about the submitted event. You can request us to remove your event and any personally identifiable information at any time by contacting us.

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