The trickiest part about travelling is working out what weather to expect and in turn, what to pack. Port Stephens weather is mild and very comfortable.

During Summer (December - February) the average temperature in Port Stephens is a pleasant 18-28°C. It is the perfect time to find one of the 26 perfect beaches and perfect for outdoor water activities. 

In Autumn (March - May), sunny days are followed by cooler nights – making it ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, sailing and dune adventures. Autumn temperatures fall between 12-24°C.

Winter (June - August) on the is generally sunny with comfortable but cooler temperatures of 9-18°C. From late May through August, Port Stephens is an excellent place to watch the thousands of migrating whales pass by.

Spring (September - November) offers sunny days followed by mild warmer evenings. September is the perfect time to enjoy cycling, walking and the National Parks. The temperatures fall between 13-25°C.

For a quick check of the weather temperatures, rainfall, winds and tides CLICK HERE.

Port Stephens tide chart is also a useful tool when deciding on which beach to go to or the best time to throw a line. CLICK HERE.

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