Tastes at the Bay

It’s Spring! and the seasonal flavours of Port Stephens are on show at Tastes at the Bay this November 3-5. Enjoy free live jazz, fabulous food and locally made wines and craft beer on tasting all weekend, throughout the Nelson Bay CBD and Apex Park.


Gone Fishing in Port Stephens

Gone Fishing Day is on Sunday 15th October. Fishing is a fun, outdoor activity for the whole family. Port Stephens waterways provide excellent beach, rock, and boat fishing opportunities. Throw a line in the calm water from a jetty or boat, go beach fishing on Stockton Beach or try a deep sea charter.


Whats Happening this October Long Weekend ?

There's always something happening in Port Stephens, and this long weekend is no different. With warm sunny weather predicted you can choose from beach days, festivals, markets, music, activities or just chillin. Whatever you choose you will find something for everyone.


Looking for things to do in Port Stephens, NSW?

You've come to the right place! This beautiful seaside destination located just 2.5 hours to the north of Sydney or 1 hour to the north of Newcastle is known for its array of wonderful beaches, pristine waters and plenty of marine-focused things to see and do. Whale watching and dolphin swims are a key focus at Port Stephens, with a great chance to get out and see the whales during their migratory season just a short boat trip out from the harbour.


Sea Slug Census

Get Snapping for the Sea Slug Census Saturday September 9 at Port Stephens. Nelson Bay is a Sea Slug hot-spot with more than 250 unique species so far identified in Port Stephens waters.


Beyond the beach in Port Stephens

Quiet coves and great surf beaches have been luring travellers to Port Stephens for generations – and rightly so. But this holiday spot is about more than sand and sunscreen.


Love Seafood – Celebrate it at Port Stephens.

Port Stephens is renowned for its pristine waters and premium fresh seafood and this delicious, month-long, destination-festival is the best time to experience it, at its peak and right at the source.


Farmers of the Sea

This time of the year is peak season for creamy Port Stephens rock oysters. Forty local oyster growing families will come to town as part of the Farmers of The Sea. You won’t find fresher than freshly shucked and whole oysters, straight from the leases, at the tasting stalls of local oyster growers.


What to do in Port Stephens in winter: Beaches, coffee, wine and whales.

As we stand on a rocky headland overlooking the Pacific Ocean, we spot a whale and its calf. Moments later we see another, and then another; their distinctive spouts alerting us to their presence. Excitedly, we rush inside our beach house at Fishermans Bay, little realising the show has only just begun.


Top 10 Port Stephens Adventure Activities

Winter is both the season and the reason to get moving on your must-do, destination-adventure list and experience the fun and adrenaline that Port Stephens has to offer.


The hidden tastes of Port Stephens

As cool weather rolls in and the big crowds move on, the scene is set for some very special food escapes to Port Stephens – where the order of the day on our coastal food trail and local menus is sublime small-farm produce, artisan beer and our famous Port Stephens Seafood - all enjoyed straight from the source!


Insider's top tips for a Port Stephens winter escape

Port Stephens is known as the blue water paradise and popular with beachgoers in summer, but it’s also the go-to destination in winter to see humpback whales and enjoy the great outdoors.

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