Our Centre is designed to cater to the unique needs of the mature market (both males and females) and for those with illnesses and chronic diseases who want/need to exercise, with support and motivation. Providing a personal, honest, caring approach that achieves results, we take ailments/injuries into consideration and suggest exercise/yoga options while ensuring that safety is a priority. We also recognise the importance of health amongst the youth in Port Stephens and, to this purpose, provide a range of classes for children (Yoga and Zumba). Passionate about holistic health, we have designed a range of small size classes and incorporated programs that balance the physical and spiritual needs of our bodies. ?Through our qualified and highly knowledgeable trainers, BayFit helps connect mind, body and spirit.

Our Centre is a place to have fun, but also to be inspired, learn about fitness, kick start healthy eating or be challenged to be your best. From the beginner wanting to start on the path to healthy living or to the more advanced who wish to maintain their healthy life journey, we can tailor programs to meet your needs. Our fitness leaders have the experience to get you results!?

Our class timetable allows for full body workouts and includes Cardiovascular low, moderate and high intensity, Interval Training, Yoga, Strength/Resistance Training, Core and Flexibility. You may choose to join a male or female only class or prefer mixed classes. Through our associations, at our venue, we are privileged to offer highly specialised programs, such as Beat It, Heartmoves, Life Flow Yoga, Empower (Breast Cancer), Synergy (all Cancers) and Kahuna Massage. Being a holistic Centre, we also provide ongoing lectures and health workshops by experienced and qualified professionals throughout the year. The beauty and sanctuary of our Centre cannot be denied. We like to sh?are this beauty with others and offer our venue for like-minded people to use on weekends for health retreats, etc. Visit us at Horizons Golf Resort to appreciate the non-intimidating environment in which to enjoy fitness and wellbeing. If you're looking for a new start to a healthy lifestyle or if you're wanting to understand how the mind, body and spirit work together, join us at our Centre for a step onto the path towards being healthy for life.


5 Horizons Drive, Salamander Bay NSW 2317

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