Go Karts Go

Welcome to Go Karts Go Nelson Bay, the biggest, longest and fastest 4-stroke outdoor go kart track.

Our go karts are the latest from Europe and we also have specially modified junior go karts as well as twin seaters. This allows us to cater from as young as 5 years of age.

Our 350m track consists of a variety of fast straights, long fast corners, and a good mixture of slower corners to really test out every driver that goes on our track, from the beginner right through to the most experienced! Each ride that goes on our track receives a printout of their best lap times so it is a great way to challenge your family, friends or workmates to find out who really is the fastest driver after all!

Go Karts Go Nelson Bay take great pride in ensuring customers the fastest, and most exciting karts in Port Stephens. Our karts are capable of 60km/h on our track and are sure to thrill!

We take safety extremely seriously here at Go Karts Go so the track has tyre walls protecting you from going off track or cutting across the track. We also have traffic lights around the track to help you be aware of any problems.


Go Karts Go

778 Marsh Rd Bobs Farm NSW 2316 Australia