Boomerang Bikes

Boomerang Bikes is a stand alone bike hire station. Open 24/7 and located at the Port Stephens Visitor Information Centre and Fingal Bay Holiday Park.

The stations offer high quality, reasonably priced and convenient bike hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Both stations have 8 bikes for hire including 6 unisex bikes (4 with child seats and 2 with baskets) for riders over 145 cm, plus 2 children bikes with 24 inch wheels, suitable for riders over 110cm tall.

Cost per hire -

$15 per hour

$36 for 4 hours

$54 for 24 hrs

$32/day for 3 days

$24/day for 7 days

Payment by credit card only.

How does it work?

Insert your Credit card and decide which bike you require and for how long, select bike number wait for card validation, go directly to bike and push in then pull out to release the bike. Repeat the process for the next bike.

Return your bicycle to the same station, they are open 24 hrs a day (card will be debited). A central computer server tracks each Spinway bicycle through RFID technology.

You will find a l list of bike trails in Port Stephens by clicking here.


Boomerang Bikes

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