Boomerang Bikes

It is a stand alone Bike hire station, where bikes are secured and monitored by a remote system.The stations offer high quality, reasonably priced and convenient bike hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Cost per hire is $14 per hour or for 4 hours $28, or 24 hrs for $47. Payment by Card only. Helmets an bike locks from The Ice Creamery or Cafe next door.

How does it work?Insert your Credit card and decide which bike you require and for how long, select bike Number wait for card is validation , go directly to bike and push in then pull out to release the bike. Repeat the process for next bike

Return your bicycle to the same Station, they are open 24 hrs a day. (card will be debited)A central computer server tracks each Spinway bicycle through RFID technology.

From The Nelson Bay marina there are various great bike rides such as:Corlette and Bagnalls beach suggested ride time approx1 hour. Halifax beach and Nelson bay Light house approx 1 hourTo shoal Bay and Tomaree point approx 2 hoursFingal Bay via Shoal bay and Tomaree approx 4 hrsThe suggested times are not based on distance, more time needed to see and explore the area.


dÁlbora Marina Teramby Road Nelson Bay NSW 2315

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