Karuah Visitor Information Centre

Explore Karuah if you are looking for a quiet, relaxing, welcoming place to stop, take a short break or have a well-earned holiday. Karuah has a diverse range of services and accommodation capable of meeting every traveller's need.

The Karuah River provides a focus for recreational activities including swimming, fishing and boating.

Relax along the waterfront or in Longworth Park with its children's playground and picnic facilities.

Walk on the wharf or swim in the tidal pool.

Venture under the bridge to relax in Memorial Park or watch as the pelicans and anglers compete for space at the boat ramp.

Purchase succulent oysters from any of Karuah's world famous oyster farms, visit the main street for a bite to eat or visit the Karuah Centre to purchase some local art and craft.


393 Tarean Road, Karuah NSW

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