American Beer Festival @ Murray's Brewery 2017


USA-themed beers including Red, White and Blue IPAs

Elvis-inspired food

FREE American-themed concerts every weekend

Starts Saturday 1 July – RUNS ALL JULY!

Murray’s American Beer Month Festival

8 limited edition beers, including a Red, White, Blue and even Blood Orange IPAs

FREE American-themed concerts

Belly-busting ‘dude food’ – including tributes to some of Elvis Presley’s favourite foods

Complimentary beer and wine tasting

Brewery Tours daily at 2.15pm & Brewery Bus on Saturdays and Sundays

Murray’s Brewery is getting in early and celebrating American Independence Day this Saturday 1 July. The distinctive aromas, colours, flavours and sounds of America will be showcased at its Bobs Farm brewery and winery right across the month of July.

These school holidays, join patriots around the world to embrace one of the most popular beer styles, IPA’s (India Pale Ale). On offer will be 8 USA-themed beers, including a Red, White and a Blue IPA – and even a Blood Orange IPA!

The kitchen team will be serving up a finger-licking-good array of USA-themed food specials, such as a belly-busting Elvis Burger filled with bacon, peanut butter and ‘jelly’. You can even try mac n cheese pizza.

American-themed FREE concerts will be performed every weekend including:

2 July – Michael Muchow plays American classics

9 July – Nano sashays Latin American

16 July - Jim Overend performs contemporary American tunes

23 July - Adam Gear plays rockabilly

30 July – Brien McVernon’s American Rock concert!

“The Fourth of July is a significant national holiday. And while it’s usually associated with fireworks, parades and baseball games, we’re paying tribute through the release of some truly awesome American-style beers,” said brewery owner, Murray Howe.

“We’re inspired by the unique spirit of creativity and entrepreneurism found in the USA. For American Beer Month we have literally brewed a rainbow of American IPAs, plus a sweet milk stout using American hops. And we’ll also be celebrating classic American Pale Ales – which was the first beer style we ever brewed. What a line-up!” he said.

Murray’s American Beer Month starts on Saturday 1 July, and runs through to 3 August – which is International IPA Day.


3443 Nelson Bay Road, Bobs Farm NSW 2316, Australia

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