James Blundell @ Shoal Bay Country Club

James Blundell was the first young Australian country artist to create an impact on the pop charts and for many years was the nation’s highest selling country artist.

Acknowledged by many as the act single-handedly responsible for turning a younger demographic of Australians onto country music, James combined the story-telling character of country icon Slim Dusty with a more rock orientated approach influenced by his love of acts such as John Mellencamp, The Band and The Angels.

Tickets onsale and can be booked HERE.

  • Date and Time

    Saturday 9th June 2018
  • Location

    Shoal Bay Country Club Hotel, Shoal Bay
  • Pricing

    $24 per person

For more information, contact: Shoal Bay Country Club


35-45 Shoal Bay Road, Shoal Bay, NSW 2315, Australia

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