Live Music Every Day at SBCC

Summer is best spent by the sea with delicious food, summery cocktails and live music. Head to Shoal Bay Country Club from Boxing Day – 29th January to enjoy live music and good vibes every afternoon.

Mon 26th Dec: Teasha & Mari 2:30pm, Crocq 6pm

Tue 27th Dec: Bree Rusev 2:30pm, Zane Penn Duo 6pm, Brendan Watson 8:30pm

Wed 28th Dec: Harrison Hoven 2:30pm, James Paul 6pm, Rebecca Henry 8:30pm

Thur 29th Dec: Hudson Rose 2:30pm, Foal Cronin 6pm, Jason Besley 8:30pm

Fri 30th Dec: Jason Besley 2:30pm, Luke Furbank 6pm

Sat 31st Dec: Mick Jones 2:30pm, Jake Hunt 6pm, The After Party 9pm

Sun 1st Jan: Dean Kyrwood 2:30pm, Dan Mani 6pm

Mon 2nd Jan: Aaron Lenard 2:30pm, James Naldo 6pm, Chris Daniel 8:30pm

Tue 3rd Jan: Mick Jones 2:30pm, TK Vibes 6pm, Finnian 8:30pm

Wed 4th Jan: Patrick McMahon 2:30pm, Joe Moore 6pm, Rolling Keys 8:30pm

Thur 5th Jan: Piper Rodrigues, Casey Bellamy 6pm, Ryan Hemsworth 8:30pm

Fri 6th Jan: Ned Verway 2:30pm, Mick Jones 6pm

Sat 7th Jan: Brendan Watson 2:30pm, Dave Andrews 6pm, 4 to the Floor 9pm

Sun 8th Jan: Aaron Williams 2:30pm, Jake Hunt 6pm, James Paul 8:30pm

Mon 9th Jan: Dlove Duo 6pm, Josh Drinkwater 8:30pm

Tue 10th Jan: Andy 6pm, Dean Kyrwood 8:30pm

Wed 11th Jan: Kazzie 6pm, Rebecca Henry 8:30pm

Thur 12th Jan: Mick Jones 6pm, TK Vibes 8:30pm

Fri 13th Jan: Patrick McMahon 6pm

Sat 14th Jan: Casey Bellamy 2:30pm, Luke Ligtenberg 6pm, Dlove 9pm

Sun 15th Jan: Claudia and Mac 2:30pm, Dylan Butler 6pm, Emily Smith 8:30pm

Mon 16th Jan: Zane Penn 6pm, Dlove Duo 8:30pm

Tue 17th Jan: Patrick McMahon 8:30pm

Wed 18th Jan: Dean Kyrwood 6pm, Harrison Hoven 8:30pm

Thur 19th Jan: Joe Moore 6pm, Brendan Watson 8:30pm

Fri 20th Jan: Ryan Hemsworth 6pm

Sat 21st Jan: Steve Twichin 6pm, Jump 9pm

Sun 22nd Jan: Mick Jones 6pm, Elisa Kate 8:30pm

Mon 23rd Jan: Cotton Sax & Strings 6pm

Tue 24th Jan: Patrick McMahon 6pm, James Naldo 8:30pm

Wed 25th Jan: Jackson Besley 6pm

Thur 26th Jan: Mick Jones 2:30pm, Louis Burt 8:30pm

Fri 27th Jan: Claudia and Mac 2:30pm, Adam Gear 6pm

Sat 28th Jan: Mick Jones 2:30pm, Steve Twichin 6pm, Under Scrutiny 9pm

Sun 29th Jan: Brendan Watson 2:30pm, Andy 6pm


Shoal Bay Country Club

35-45 Shoal Bay Road, Shoal Bay, NSW 2315, Australia