Mental as Anything @ Shoal Bay Country Club

A popular urban myth concerns a group of art students who passed themselves off as a band in order to con the local publican into giving them a gig in exchange for free beer. The deception worked better than intended, and the group came to be known as Mental as Anything.

Nearly two decades later, they are still irritating the public with their highly listenable, idiosyncratic brand of garage pop. A self-explanatory single to reflect their success, The Nips Are Getting Bigger, rose through the charts. Ahead lay a very lengthy pub crawl which only the accomplished could survive and many more chart topping hits.

  • Date and Time

    Saturday 28th April 2018
  • Location

    Shoal Bay Country Club Hotel, Shoal Bay
  • Pricing


For more information, contact: Shoal Bay Country Club


35-45 Shoal Bay Road, Shoal Bay, NSW 2315, Australia

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