Murray's Brewery 'Go Loco' Summer Festival

Murray’s Brewery’s ‘Go Loco’ Summer Festival features a crazy line-up of 7 fruit beers, 2 ciders, luxe cocktails, craft spirits, free concerts, BBQ and tacos –plus for the first time, hermit crab racing!

Visitors can enjoy live musical entertainment every weekend, PLUS the award-winning venue will host 3 free summer concert events – 26th December Boxing Day Rocks (featuring Brien McVernon); 1st January New Year’s Day Recovery Party (featuring Grayson); 26th January Australia Day Weekend (featuring Michael Peter).

There’s lots to keep the kids happy, with weekend kids’ outdoor games such as hermit crab races and apple bobbing, plus an interactive scavenger hunt game to play.

Murray’s Go Loco Summer festivities start on 7th December, and run through to the Australia Day long weekend in late January.

  • Date and Time

    7th December until Australia Day Long Weekend
  • Location

    Murray's Brewery and Port Stephens Winery, Bobs Farm
  • Pricing

    Free Admission

For more information, contact: Katrina Haecker


3443 Nelson Bay Road, Bobs Farm NSW 2316, Australia

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