The Dunes

The Stockton Bight Sand Dunes, in the Worimi Conservation Lands, cover 4,200 hectares, with 32kms of the longest moving sand dunes in the southern hemisphere. These truly awe-inspiring dunes reach heights of over 30 metres forming a majestic, alien-like moonscape - perfect for adventurous spirits, those looking for a cultural experience, nature lovers and even film makers around the globe.

These Lands form part of an important cultural landscape with special significance for the Worimi people - the Traditional Owners. The land and waters have been used for many thousands of years for living, gathering foods and for cultural activities. Thanks to the generosity of the Worimi people, we are invited to experience and enjoy this special place (with respect and without disturbing any Aboriginal sites).

See this monumental sandscape for yourself by four wheel drive (with permits). Go fishing, surfing, or take an organised tour for quad biking, sandboarding, horse or camel riding. Enjoy a cultural tour including historic sites such as the Aboriginal middens or Tin City.


The Dunes

Stockton Sand Dunes