Port Stephens Local Stories

Discover the loves and livelihoods of the people that live here. Whether they are farming oysters or deep sea fishing, taking visitors out onto the dunes or protecting local wildlife, each story is connected to the incredible nature of the area and their daily experience of this beautiful region.

It’s human nature! From whale chasers to park rangers, we meet the local legends of Port Stephens on the incredible North Coast of NSW. “It’s alive and moving, Port Stephens. You can explore for the rest of your life and probably never ever find out everything that this place has to offer."

Feel a world away in #PortStephens. Embark on a journey to a place that will change your perspective. Where giant #sanddunes provide the backdrop for exhilarating experiences, where #dolphins and #whales grace the coastline. A place where picture perfect beaches are the norm, and where the extraordinary is ordinary. 

Whale enthusiast Frank Future

Get to know Frank Future, conservationist and whale chaser. He’s a local legend in Port Stephens and he’s passionate about the ocean, whales and connecting with nature. “When you see it for yourself, it becomes more than a story.”

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Stinker shares his love of fishing

Meet John ‘Stinker’ Clarke, a local fishing legend in Port Stephens who hangs up his ‘Gone Fishing’ sign most days. A self-confessed Port Stephens enthusiast, he says you can catch pretty much any sort of fish in the beautiful region. “Big fish, little fish, doesn’t matter,” says John.

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Beryl & Karly share their connection to country

Aunty Beryl is one of the traditional owners of Worimi Country, and she wants to share this very special place in Port Stephens with you. She believes it’s important to share this country of ours with people. “Port Stephens is my belonging place. I’m blessed.”

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Local abalone diver Greg Finn

We chat to Greg Finn, Port Stephens local and commercial abalone and sea urchin fisherman. He delivers fresh seafood to restaurants all around Port Stephens and is passionate about handing over incredible catches all year round.

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Mitch Turner, Head Chef at Bannisters

Meet the man behind some of the most delicious seafood dishes in Port Stephens. Head Chef of Bannisters, Mitch Turner says a phone call from a local fisherman, can change the menu in minutes. “It can be there one minute as produce … there the next as a dish.”

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Leanne Sansom from Oakvale Wildlife Park

Learn about the conservation of animals from Leanne Samson, the co-owner of Oakvale Wildlife Park. The Port Stephens family-operated business has been running for four decades. “Almost every day we get to see people enjoy magical experiences,” says Leanne.

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Ranger Susanne Callaghan shares her favourite local nature based activities

Say g’day to Susanne Callaghan. As a National Parks and Wildlife Ranger in Port Stephens, she spends tranquil days protecting the natural beauty of the region for future generations.

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Sandy Munday from Samurai Beach Bungalows

Sandy Munday has travelled the world and reckons it’s impossible to beat Port Stephens. “The diversity of Port Stephens has probably won my heart.”

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Lisa shares the special connection she has with local dolphins

Deep dive into the incredible aquatic wonderland of Port Stephens alongside renowned underwater photographer, Lisa Skelton. “Being in Port Stephens, it’s the perfect classroom to learn the craft. The mix of marine life… amazing!”

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