Dolphin Swim Australia

Have you ever dreamt of swimming with WILD dolphins?

Dolphin Swim Australia's tour takes place in the open ocean off Port Stephens for 4 hours of adventure! Our swimmers enter the water and can get up close and personal with inquisitive and energetic oceanic dolphins.

The dolphins come so close to the swimmers it is like being a part of their pod! Dolphin Swim Australia provides all training, safety equipment, snorkeling gear, wetsuits, photos and a light breakfast on the boat. Guests wear a safety harness and are attached to the vessel at all times.

Swimming with wild dolphins truly is a 'bucket list' experience and Dolphin Swim Australia provides this adventure like no other!

Dolphin Swim Australia is NSW's first and only permitted WILD dolphin swim.

Dolphin Swim Australia is an entirely new concept and is the first of its kind worldwide!

As well as getting swimmers up close and personal with the dolphins, Dolphin Swim Australia is also involved in scientific research programs.

As an Eco-Certified business, Dolphin Swim Australia concentrates on the conservation of dolphins and educates its guests on the amazing marine mammals of Port Stephens.


Dolphin Swim Australia

Dock C, d'Albora Marina, Teramby Road, Nelson Bay New South Wales 2315, Australia