Irukandji Shark & Ray Encounters

Such a unique activity where even small children can experience the marine world like never before; every visitor receives a guided tour; choose to feed from the sides or have a real Shark Encounter in wetsuits or waders.

Fully interactive hands on experience, and its available rain, hail or shine, year round for everyone for all ages.

Sharks and Rays are a group of very misunderstood predators, with such a bad light shed on them some people are fearful to dip a toe in the ocean. In the age of social media it seems like there are more sharks then ever before, when the fact is there is actually many less. What if we told you they were intelligent, friendly, cheeky and sometimes act like puppy dogs? You wouldn’t believe us right?

The guided tour has a focus on conservation and instills a sense of stewardship for the environment. Thus, Irukandji staff play a vital role in fulfilling the attractions mission by helping visitors build emotional connections to marine animals, teaching them to understand the natural world and actively engaging them in conservation initiatives such as Take 3 for the Sea.

  • Child-Friendly