Murray's Brewery and Port Stephens Winery

As a small brewer, authenticity is very important to us.

We are an independent, 100% Australian owned and run craft brewer who is passionate about improving the public’s perception of beer as a beverage in our country. We brew a wide range of highly rated beer from our brewery at Port Stephens – including 100 percent of our draught beer and a lot of our bottle product. We also brew and bottle some of our biggest lines offsite at a larger plant when we can’t keep up with spikes in demand. Importantly, a large part of this production is carried out personally by our brewers.

Today, Murray’s Craft Brewing Co shares its home with Port Stephens Winery, the region’s oldest vineyard. Showcasing beer and wine together is quite a natural thing for us. Bringing the two together in a great tourist location seemed like a great way to provide visitors with a wide variety of taste sensations.

Visit us at Bobs Farm and try Murray’s beers - there’s up to 10 on tap at any one time, plus bottled specials. Taste local and regional wines, enjoy a delicious meal from the Brewery Restaurant, play a game of bocce, enjoy our entertainment and events, and learn more about craft beer by taking a Brewery Tour (public tours are daily at 2.15pm).


3443 Nelson Bay Road, Bobs Farm NSW 2316, Australia

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