Quad Bike King Adventure Tours

Start your adventure today. Stockton Beach is your kingdom; choose a 350cc Yamaha Grizzly, or 150cc quad bike and press the accelerator down. Put your machine through its pace and a smile on your face… or if you’re not in a fast-paced frame of mind, hang back and enjoy the dunes, which look like a deserted island one moment and moon landing the next.

Safari Tour - zoom across the rugged sand dunes of incredible Stockton Beach. Bump and bounce over soft and hard packed sand, explore huge dips and hills. 1 hour 45 min experience.

The Sandpit - unlimited fun for thrill-seekers! Drift around the sand dunes in a marked off area, master donuts and race your mates. No instructors to follow. Make it your own unique, truly exhilarating experience. 1 hour 45 min experience. These bikes are 100cc only.

Quad Bike Super Combo - not for the faint hearted! The Super Combo combines The SandPit and Safari Tour! Get your adrenaline pumping with 1.5 hours of non-stop quad bike riding. 2 hour 30 min experience.


Quad Bike King Adventure Tours

2130 Nelson Bay Road, Williamtown, NSW 2318, Australia