Moonshadow TQC Cruises

With the longest history and largest boats in Port Stephens, Moonshadow - TQC Cruises has operated as a family owned business for over 40 years. Port Stephens is home to over 160 resident bottlenose dolphins and with a 99% success rate in dolphin sightings.

Port Stephens enjoys an excellent whale season and Hinchinbrook Explorer is the largest whale watch vessel in the Bay, purpose built for ocean cruises. You will never forget seeing the awesome bulk of a Humpback whale, 15 metres long and weighing 40 tonnes!


Moonshadow-TQC Dolphin Discovery Fact Sheet

Moonshadow-TQC Whale Watch Fact Sheet

Moonshadow-TQC Fact Sheet Chinese Translation


Moonshadow - TQC Cruises

d'Albora Marinas, Teramby Road, Nelson Bay and Cruise Passenger Wharf Victoria Parade, Nelson Bay