Whale Watching


See a show that will leave you breathless.


Port Stephens is a renowned whale watching destination located right in the middle of the Humpback Highway!

Witness nature’s gentle giants breaching and tail slapping as they put on their annual show. Spot humpbacks breaching and southern rights spy-hopping between May and November from land-based vantage points along the spectacular coast or on one of our eco-friendly whale watching cruises.

Whales journey along the coastline from cold feeding areas, to warm, shallower waters for mating, calving and feeding.

On land or at sea, you'll be mesmerised by these gentle giants. Read our blog on the best spots for whale watching.

Several whale and dolphin cruises depart from Nelson Bay including Moonshadow – TQC Cruises, Imagine Cruises and Aquamarine Adventures. Bookings can be made online.

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The best spots for whale watching

Pick any spot on this list and you'll be mesmerised by these gentle giants. Port Stephens is home to some of the best whale watching on the Eastern coast of Australia.

There are many ways to enjoy the spectacle of the whale watching season in Port Stephens, from whale watching cruises to lofty coastal lookouts.

With over 40,000 Humpback whales passing by enjoy some scenic walks along the beautiful headlands and coastline to some of the best land-based vantage points for spotting the whales, or climb aboard a cruise looking for tail slaps, spy hopping and breaches.

Boat Harbour Headland. Image Sue W. Weekend Notes.

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Are you Wild about Whales?

Are you wild about whales? Interested in the latest whale sightings off the NSW coast?

Whales are quite active in the water and display a range of spectacular surfacing behaviours that are amazing to witness. Read all about whale facts - the breach, the slap, spy hopping, fluke-up dive and the blow.

Learn about different whale species and top whale watching spots in Port Stephens. 

Image: Lisa Skelton Photography

About Whales

Local Port Stephens whale enthusiast Frank Future shares his moving experiences with whales.

He’s a local legend in Port Stephens and he’s passionate about the ocean, whales and connecting with nature. “When you see it for yourself, it becomes more than a story.”

"It is incredible by nature, there's no doubt about it. Especially the whales I love those whales".

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