The Zombie Holiday Survivial Show

Do your children know how to survive should a zombie horde decide to visit you this Christmas? No!!?

That is fantastic news! Fantastic because we are bringing our top-level scientific experts in the field of zombie lore to you this holiday season.

You no longer need fear for your family's safety. Our scientific experts will be hosting The Zombie Holiday Survival Show for children ages five and up and all the way through to 99. This is a show which even the most grumpy, the most serious-minded, the most Grinch-like members of your family will struggle not to laugh at until their little, round belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly.

This interactive comedy special will teach you and your family the ins and outs of how to survive a sweeping zombie advance. Through a series of demonstrations, including live and immersive practical exercises for your children to participate in, everyone in the family will learn how to handle this diabolical holiday possibility.

And in keeping with the company's style, you might even discover that a member of your family could be crowned the ultimate Zombie Survival King, or Queen, or Grinch by the show's end.

You better watch out – because we’re coming to town.

BOOK YOUR TICKETS Showing at St Philips Christian College, Salamander Bay


182 Salamander Way, Salamander Bay NSW